About the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

The IUAES. is a world organization of social and biological anthropological scientists and institutions working in the fields of anthropology and ethnology, but also of interest to archaeologists and linguistics specialists, among others. Its aim is to enhance exchange and communication among scholars of all regions of the world, in a collective effort to expand human knowledge. In this way it hopes to contribute to a better understanding of human society, and to a sustainable future based on harmony between nature and culture.

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Through its World Congresses, held every five years, IUAES provides a world forum for the discussion and dissemination of research in these fields. It also holds Inter-Congresses, seminars and symposia, and encourages the participation of anthropologists in other international meetings and projects. Through its Commissions, IUAES stimulates the convergence of research interests among anthropologists, and the dissemination of research findings through publications.

The IUAES was established on 23rd August, 1948, when it was brought into one organization, de facto, with the International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (I.C.A.E.S.), which was itself founded in 1934. The latter was the follower of various Congresses of Anthropological Sciences, starting in 1865, the President of the Congress also serving as the President of the Union. The two organizations were united, de jure, into one, in 1968. Although previous congesses have been identified by the initials I.C.A.E.S, the Manchester Congress will be known as IUAES 2013, since this seems simpler.

The World Congresses held from 1934 onwards were as follows:
1934 London
1938 Copenhagen
1948 Brussels
1952 Vienna
1956 Philadelphia
1960 Paris
1964 Moscow
1968 Tokyo
1973 Chicago
1978 Delhi
1983 Quebec and Vancouver
1988 Zagreb
1993 Mexico
1998 Williamsburg
2003 Florence
2009 Kunming

Inter-Congresses have been held in
2004 Calcutta/Ranchi, India
2005 Pardubice, Zcech Republic
2006 Cape Town, South Africa
2010 Antalya, Turkey
2011 Perth, Australia
2012 Buhbaneswar, India

For more information on IUAES activities, see the main IUAES website at http://www.iuaes.org.

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