The True Meaning of Love at First Sight

Many people claim that love at first sight is as old as mankind. There are those who claim that they have experienced it whereas others claim that such a thing does not exist. Some argue that people often confuse sexual attraction with love.

Love At First Sight

This article looks at the definition of love at first sight and some of the qualifications.

There are plenty of factors that will make one get attracted to a member of the opposite sex. They include:

Auditory – The tone of voice
Gustatory – the way the first kiss tastes
Olfactory – the scent or smell
Kinesthetic– the way she moves
Tactile – how one feels including embracing

Visual perception is not the only thing that makes one fall in love with a member of the opposite sex. There are other ingredients such as cognitive ability which play a greater role in creating the attraction.

There is a difference between loving someone and liking a person. You can like someone at first acquaintance and also love someone at first acquaintance. Loving someone includes caring for that person, being loyal, empathetic, tolerant, considerate, and beneficent and being there for him or her.

Loving is intimate, it can be a personal activity that seeks welfare, happiness and the safety of the other person. Love at first sight is somehow romantic and there is always sexual attraction which may not be present in other types of love such that of a child and the mother. There is some deep caring in other loves which may not be present in love at first acquaintance because time is needed to cultivate the concept of caring.

Love takes time to be cultivated but love at first acquaintance does not have the time required to bring all the activities of loving to fruition. However, falling in love at first sight can lead to a full blown acquaintance.

Falling in love at a first acquaintance can only be said to have taken place if you resolve that indeed, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. When you make up your mind to always cherish that person and commit yourself to share your deepest secretes with that person without pretending. If this happens, it qualifies to be love at first acquaintance.

The love should be genuine and should not be infatuation or sexual attraction. It should be a true start of a lifelong commitment.